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Help! My Spouse’s Health is Declining and I’m Worried about Financial Ruin!

It is a common problem.  One spouse’s health is declining. The other spouse is relatively healthy but is having trouble continuing to provide care for the unhealthy spouse at home.  Something has got to give. Soon some kind of long-term care facility will be necessary.  But how will they afford it?

According to the 2010 Market Survey of Long-Term Care Costs conducted by Metlife, the annual cost of a semi-private room in a Cleveland area nursing home was $75,190 and a private room was $87,600.

Moreover, counter to popular belief, Medicare will not cover prolonged nursing home care. Medicare Part… Read the rest

Medicaid Waiver Programs- Alternatives to the Nursing Home

As described in more detail in the “Long Term Care Planning- Don’t Despair, Prepare!” post, Medicaid provides free long-term care as long as certain income and resource requirements are met.  Although most long-term care Medicaid recipients are in nursing homes, there are also Medicaid Waiver Programs available that provide alternatives to Nursing Home Care.  Here are a few programs:


  • Provides personal care, respite care, homemaker services, home delivered meals, adult day care, chore services, emergency response, medical equipment and supplies, medical transportation,
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