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Use Caution When Signing Nursing Home Agreements

In the case of Andover Village Retirement Community v. Cole, Mr. Cole admitted his mother to a nursing home. Mr. Cole, who was his mother’s agent under her financial power of attorney, signed one agreement as a “Responsible Person” that stated in the agreement that he was not personally liable for his mother’s unpaid medical expenses. Then, Mr. Cole signed an additional agreement with the nursing home stating that he was assuming financial responsibility for his mother.

After Mr. Cole’s mother died, the nursing home sued him for unpaid expenses. The Court found that each agreement must be treated… Read the rest

Nursing Home Admissions- Things to Look Out for Before Signing the Agreement

The nursing home admission process can be immensely stressful for both the prospective resident and her family. During this difficult period, it is easy for the parties to overlook the complex language of the nursing home admission agreement. This, however, would be a mistake. The agreement is legally binding on the signor, creating serious financial obligations to the nursing home. Careful review is necessary to ensure that the resident’s legal and financial interests are protected.

The Ohio Department of Aging has warned families against unlawful or unfair provisions in admission agreements.… Read the rest