When can trust and estate litigation occur?

Estate and Trust litigation is not uncommon. These estate and trust disputes come in many different forms. In Estates, it can be a dispute over the validity of a Last Will and Testament, also called a Will Contest, due to a question of the authenticity of the document, the mental state of the individual who executed the Will, also known as the testator, or the undue influence of other people on the testator, among other reasons. In the case of a Trust, there can be similar issues regarding the validity of the Trust instrument. A Will dispute can also arise if the individual in possession of a Will won’t produce it for the Court. A Trustee can similarly run into trouble if he does not provide information as required in the Trust instrument or Ohio Trust code.

Improper actions by an Executor or Administrator of an Estate or a Trustee of a Trust can also lead to disputes. Improper actions can range from not fulfilling duties, violating the terms of the Will, Trust or Ohio Trust Code, self-dealing, not safeguarding property, or theft, among other possibilities. In an Estate or Trust, disputes can arise over individuals concealing or stealing assets of the deceased.

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