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In Ohio, a Mother and Father are on equal footing in regard to custody. Furthermore, custody or parental rights and responsibilities may be awarded to one parent or may be shared by both parents. The Court may also grant visitation rights to a non-residential parent, grandparent, or other individual with an interest in the welfare of the child. When making a custody determination or deciding whether to grant visitation, the Court must determine the best interests of the child.

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The attorneys with The Perla Law Firm in Cleveland, Ohio have represented hundreds of clients in the Cleveland region with child custody and visitation proceedings and are committed to obtaining the best possible result for you and your family in the most cost-effective way.

Our lawyers have reached custody / visitation resolutions through mediation, collaborative meetings, negotiations and litigation. Moreover, although child custody issues arise most commonly in divorce, this office has significant experience representing non-married parents, grandparents and other relatives in custody and visitation proceedings, as well.

Whatever your particular circumstances, The Perla Law Firm are committed to obtaining a cost-efficient resolution and will employ collaborative law techniques when possible and go to trial when necessary. Don’t take chances with the welfare of your loved ones. Contact our lawyers today for child custody assistance.