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Social Security Survivor Benefits- Do You Qualify?

Survivor Benefits are benefits paid to the surviving spouse, divorced spouse, children or parents of a deceased worker. 

In order to qualify for Social Security Survivor Benefits, you must meet certain criteria.

First, the deceased must have the requisite number of work credits. The number of work credits required varies depending on the year he was born, the year he died or became disabled, and his age at death.  The maximum number of work credits required is 40- the equivalent of 10 years of work.  To find the number of work credits required of a deceased worker, see

Second, you… Read the rest

How Will my Divorce or Remarriage Affect my Dependent or Survivor Social Security Benefits?

Dependent Benefits

Divorce- If you are divorced, you are still eligible for dependents benefits based on your former spouse’s record if the marriage lasted at least ten years, the divorced became final at least two years prior and both you and former spouse have reached age 62, regardless of whether your spouse has begun receiving benefits himself.  

Remarriage- Your former spouse’s remarriage has no effect on your ability to collect dependent benefits on his earning record.  However, your own remarriage will cause you to lose the ability to collect dependent benefits on your former spouse’s… Read the rest

When Should I Apply for My Social Security Retirement Benefits- An Essential Checklist

So you’re approaching 62 or maybe 66 and you’re wondering, is it time to tap into my social security retirement benefits? Or maybe you’re in the retirement planning stages and wondering how best to leverage your benefits. Either way, reviewing the following checklist of factors should help you arrive at an answer.

Don’t Cheat Yourself Out of Social Security Benefits- Make Sure Your Record is Accurate

The amount of Social Security benefits, that is retirement benefits, disability benefits, dependency benefits, and survivor benefits, that you qualify for is calculated based on your earning record.  People with greater earnings will receive greater benefits.  Moreover, you must accumulate 40 credits of work to qualify- essentially 10 years of work. 

Hence, it is in your best interest to make sure that Social Security has an accurate work record for you, especially if you have changed your name during your lifetime due to marriage or divorce or have a hyphenated name, as it increases the… Read the rest