Where Should I Keep My Estate Planning Documents?

You’ve done the right thing. You’ve gone to an estate planning or elder law lawyer and had your basic estate planning documents prepared, ie. your Last Will and Testament, Financial Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, etc. Now what do you do with these important documents?

Last Will and Testament

In Ohio, original Wills are very important. That is because if an original Will is lost, the law presumes that it was lost or destroyed on purpose. To admit a lost Will, the burden is on the individual seeking to admit the lost Will that it was executed in accordance with the law, what the contents… Read the rest

How to Make Gifts to Charities

Making a gift to a charity in your estate plan is a wonderful way to give back. Today’s blog post will talk about the basics of charitable giving.

Choosing Charities

Before you leave money to any charity, it is wise to go to a website like https://www.charitynavigator.org/ and https://www.consumerreports.org/charities/best-charities-for-your-donations/ to make sure that the charity is worthy of your support. Unfortunately, there are many great sounding charities that spend most of their operating costs on administrative expenses or are scams.

How to Make the Gift

A gift to a charity… Read the rest

Medicaid Planning with Annuities for Married Couples

If you or a loved one is facing the need for long term care, that is nursing home, assisted living or home care, you know how expensive it is. Medicaid planning utilizes legal and financial strategies to qualify for government programs like Medicaid to pay for long term care and save you and your family money. Annuities are a popular tool in Medicaid planning for both single individuals and married couples. This post will explain how annuities are often a great tool for married couples.

When one spouse needs long term care, it takes a financial toll not just on the individual but on the individual’s… Read the rest

Office Update in the Time of Covid-19

Yes, we are open.

However, we have made changes to how we conduct business in order to keep our clients and staff safe and healthy.

Clients are asked to come to our office by appointment only.

For all scheduled appointments, a member of our office will let you into the building and direct you into a conference room on the first floor. The conference room surfaces, including door knobs, etc. will be cleaned with disinfectant between appointments. We ask that clients bring a pen to all in-office appointments.

Clients will be given the option to schedule a phone conference, or convert a current in-office

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