Why do I Need to Plan for Medicaid? (Ie. Why Can’t I Just Give My Assets to My Children?)

In my previous post http://www.perlalaw.com/blog/hello-world/I discuss the cost of long-term care and the importance of planning for Medicaid.  This blog will try to dispel many of the misconceptions relating to Medicaid planning.  One such misconception is that a person can simply give away assets in order to qualify for long-term Medicaid.

When a person applies for Medicaid, he will be asked whether he or a spouse made any gifts within the last 60 months.  (Different rules apply to gifts made prior to 2/8/09).  This question is asked because a person will be penalized for any gift made within… Read the rest

Know What a Living Trust Can Do for You (And What it Can’t Do For You)

The living trust can be a beneficial instrument for general estate planning as well as Medicaid planning purposes. The key is having a knowledgeable attorney to help you take advantage of its benefits and avoid its pitfalls. Contact attorney Elizabeth Perla at (440) 333-2503 today to discuss living trusts or other elder law and Medicaid planning issues.

Long Term Care Planning- Don’t Despair, Prepare!

Why Should I Plan?     

Seventy Percent (70%) of people over age 65 will need long term care during their lifetimes.  However, as the average annual cost of a nursing home room in the Cleveland Metropolitan area is $73,912.50, such care can quickly deplete all of your savings. 

Won’t Medicare Cover my Care?

Medicare doesn’t cover long-term care costs.  Even if a number of criteria are met Medicare only covers the cost of a skilled nursing facility for up to 20 days, with the possibility of an additional 80 days on a co-payment basis.  The average nursing home stay is 2.4 years.

What about Long-TermRead the rest

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