3 Things to Do When You Received a Notice of Administrative Hearing to Establish Child Support

1. Gather current and past income documentation, including pay stubs, employer statements, receipts and expense vouchers related to self-generated income, tax returns with supporting documentation and schedules, and verification of health insurance coverage in advance of the Hearing.

2. Gather supporting documentation for factors that necessitate adjustments (reduction) to your income and child support including union dues, uniform fees, court-ordered child support paid for other children, court-ordered spousal support paid to another spouse, amount of local income tax, child care expenses, etc.

3. Go to the Hearing. You need to be there to provide all your supporting documentation and answer any of the Hearing Officer’s questions.

For information on what to do once you’ve received an Administrative Order for Child Support and Medical Support See http://www.perlalaw.com/blog/5-things-to-do-when-you-receive-an-administrative-order-for-child-support-and-medical-support/

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