Estate Administration Lawyers

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Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult enough. Handling the financial matters that come with it can be overwhelming and disorienting. Estate administration is the process of settling a deceased’s financial matters. Sometimes this involves a Probate proceeding. Sometimes, if there is a trust, this involves Trust Administration. Often times, real estate is held in a Survivorship Deed or the deceased recorded a Transfer on Death Deed or Transfer on Death Affidavit and steps must be taken to transfer the real estate under those documents. Our office, based in Cleveland, has significant experience assisting clients in navigating the Estate Administration process.

In addition, our office is available for appointment as an Executor, Trustee or Administrator. When a person prepares a Last Will and Testament or a Trust, he must appoint an individual to the position of Executor of the Estate or Trustee of the Trust. Sometimes there is an obvious choice, other times there are no good options. One of our attorneys can be named as Executor or Trustee. In addition, when a person dies without a Last Will and Testament or the named Executors in a Will are unable to serve, an attorney from our office can perform the job of Administrator of the Estate.

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The Perla Law Firm, LLC has experience assisting clients in navigating estate administration and advising and acting in the role of Executor, Trustee and Administrator. Contact our Cleveland lawyers today to discuss estate administration, the appointment of one of our lawyers as Executor, Trustee or Administrator and other estate planning and probate matters.

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