Disposition of Bodily Remains Lawyers

Disposition of Bodily Remains 

While it can be hard to think about, naming a loved one to handle our final arrangements and letting our loved ones know what are preferences are for final arrangements can remove a great weight from our family and friends’ shoulders. 

The Disposition of Bodily Remains is a document that allows you to appoint one person to make your final arrangements, including the location and manner of your funeral, burial, cremation or other manner of final disposition.  It also allows you to make clear what you want and how you’d like it paid for. The Disposition is particularly important if you’d like to be cremated because under Ohio law, without this document, all of your next of kin will need to consent to cremation. If you have children all over the country, an estranged child or other similar situation, the need for everyone’s consent can be less than ideal.

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