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What is a Caregiver Agreement?

A Caregiver Agreement (also known as a Personal Care or Caregiver or Caregiving Contract, Family Caregiver Agreement, or Personal Service Contract) is an agreement between a caregiver and caregivee that states that the caregiver will provide care to the caregivee in exchange for specified compensation. The agreement sets forth the specific responsibilities of the caregiver, including days and hours of care and the compensation paid for that care.

There are many advantages to a Caregiving Agreement. First, with a Caregiving Agreement the caregivee can provide for his or her caregiving loved one and have Medicaid pay for future long term care costs. The agreement also allows the caregivee to provide compensation to a trusted loved one who may have had to quit a job, forgo job opportunities or otherwise spend considerable time and energy providing care. In addition, the agreement helps to avoid family conflicts by laying out who will provide necessary care and how it will be paid for. Lastly, long term care insurance or Veteran’s Benefits may provide for such care if there is a formal, reasonable agreement.

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