Medicaid Planning-It’s Probably Not What you Think

When I talk about Medicaid planning with people, I sometimes get negative responses.  As one woman stated, “You mean, give Dad’s money away.” Often people believe that Medicaid planning is only about giving away assets and passing the financial burden of long-term care on to the state. 

While it is true that Medicaid planning can certainly be used to preserve hard-earned savings, it is also about improving the quality of life for the individual in need of care and his or her loved ones.

For example, Medicaid Planning can be used to:

  • Increase the amount of money that the spouse of an individual in need of care can keep for her own support.
  • Ensure the care and support of a minor or disabled child.
  • Compensate a child or sibling who has been providing care.
  • Pay for better accommodations or services for the person in need of care.  

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