Medicaid Waiver Programs- Alternatives to the Nursing Home

As described in more detail in the “Long Term Care Planning- Don’t Despair, Prepare!” post, Medicaid provides free long-term care as long as certain income and resource requirements are met.  Although most long-term care Medicaid recipients are in nursing homes, there are also Medicaid Waiver Programs available that provide alternatives to Nursing Home Care.  Here are a few programs:


  • Provides personal care, respite care, homemaker services, home delivered meals, adult day care, chore services, emergency response, medical equipment and supplies, medical transportation, home health case management, etc.
  • Must live in a non-institutionalized setting and have a physician who will authorize a home care plan.

Assisted Living Waiver Program

  • Pays cost of Assisted Living Facility or Residential Care Facility services excluding the cost of room and board.
  • Must be a nursing home resident or live in Residential Care Facility for at least 6 months or be enrolled in Passport.

To take advantage of Medicaid Waiver Programs, you must meet the same financial eligibility requirements as for traditional long-term care Medicaid. 

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