February 7, 2011

How to Save the Money Your Parents Worked For

Long-term care is not cheap.  In fact, it is down-right expensive.  The average annual cost of a nursing home room in the Cleveland Metropolitan area is […]
November 3, 2009

Why do I Need to Plan for Medicaid? (Ie. Why Can’t I Just Give My Assets to My Children?)

In my previous post http://www.perlalaw.com/blog/hello-world/I discuss the cost of long-term care and the importance of planning for Medicaid.  This blog will try to dispel many of […]
September 9, 2009

Personal Caregiver Agreement

With a personal care agreement the caregivee can provide for his or her caregiving loved one and have Medicaid pay for future long term care costs.
September 8, 2009

Long Term Care Planning- Don’t Despair, Prepare!

Why Should I Plan?      Seventy Percent (70%) of people over age 65 will need long term care during their lifetimes.  However, as the average annual cost […]