August 1, 2012

Power of Attorney Abuse- Who Can Challenge the Actions of a Power of Attorney?

Under Ohio law, there are a number of individuals who can challenge the actions of an agent.  An agent is the individual appointed in the power […]
August 1, 2012

Power of Attorney- Agents Should Know Their Responsibilities

Oftentimes attorneys draft a power of attorney for a principal without speaking to the agent who is being appointed.  To put it simply, a principal is […]
July 18, 2012

Warning for Administrators and Executors of an Estate as Well as Creditors

Recently, a case was decided in the First District Court of Appeals of Ohio that should make administrators and executors as well as creditors of an […]
June 20, 2012

Divorce is a Key Time to Revisit Your Estate Plan

While the Divorce if Pending In the stress and turmoil of a divorce proceeding, many forget about revisiting their estate plan. If you died today, would […]